Plunge deep

“Plunge deep enough in order to see something that is hidden and glimmering.” -Matsuo Basho Consistency is key. Practicing with my brushes, taking photographs, and printing my work is all part of the process of producing work and going deeper. 

Where does it hurt?…

Sold - Plant triptych - composited image

“later that night I held and atlas in my lap ran my fingers across the whole world  and whispered where does it hurt? it answered everywhere everywhere everywhere” — Warsaw Shire …

to risk delight

To be “brave enough to risk delight” – poet, Jack Gilbert. To make something of something that moves you to joyous pleasure. How do you access that from here on earth? It takes courage and I want more of it. It’s scary but don’t dare argue for your limitations or they will persist. Just stop! Stop the negative scary thoughts but don’t let the fear stop you from creating the unknown wonders that exist in your imagination. Fear and creativity need to co-exist. Make room for both, allow for both, and don’t fight.. Read More


Wet is the norm around here and we’re getting plenty of it. I do love the moss that thrives and turns such a rich and beautiful green.  This is on our walkway.

The Conversation

  What do we really see? As I take pictures, I try to take in the broader surroundings while still seeing the details. Besides watching where I’m going, enjoying the sounds of nature or the activities around me, I look for light, shadow, color, movement… I never know what to expect and that’s one of the reasons I love photography because there’s always an element of surprise. Sometimes I don’t see the ‘prize’ until I look more closely at the photo on my computer and it’s exciting when I find something.. Read More