Foggy Day Grey

Prepare for departure… Detaching from life support here and reconnecting to another island. From this island of wet gray and green to one of tropical colors and light. A time to refocus on light filled days. I look forward to being in the ocean, relaxing, reading and learning. I’m setting projects for myself to learn some new tools for image making. Learn Procreate, shoot more images…  have some fun!

Plunge deep

“Plunge deep enough in order to see something that is hidden and glimmering.” -Matsuo Basho Consistency is key. Practicing with my brushes, taking photographs, and printing my work is all part of the process of producing work and going deeper. 

Tiny Wings

Last weekend was 3 days of glorious sunshine. On Sunday, I went to a local park to see what birds I could find and take photographs. There was a wonderful grove of trees with a Rookery of probably 12 Great Blue Heron nests. The fledglings were fairly quiet, occasionally flapping their wings and taking a good look at me now and then. I got a few good pictures and then moved on to a mystical thicket… where I found a beautiful Rufous Hummingbird nest with two chicks in it. Mom came by.. Read More

Seeds take time to grow

Doesn’t Spring have a way of magnifying what our goals are? It seems I can’t look in the garden and not get ideas for new plants, new views, new vegetables and flowers I want to grow. And then of course there are the personal goals that call to me. More photography, more painting, more art making. Nature can be both gentle and strong at the same time. The small buds are appearing now… new growth, renewed energy, new potential.  I take a lot of inspiration from nature. I want to.. Read More

Listen to your own private muse…

Stilt in the Rain - Kealia Pond, Maui

“Follow your own private muse. The key is to reveal our quirks and flaws, not to hide them, and to listen to the inner self, the voice inside. — Sol Lewitt. I’m continually amazed at all the talent and beautiful artwork I see. It’s inspiring and exciting to see and the evolution of social media. I understand the value of sharing work with each other and I look forward to more connection with other artists. It’s important to me to find my center each and every day and stay the course.. Read More

Kealia Pond

Kealia Pond, Maui

Beautiful morning to be here. Saw Stilts, Black Crowned Night Herons – male and female, white Sanderling, Wandering Tattlers and Egrets. Below is a Wandering Tatler, having brunch. It took the bird almost 10 minutes before finally positioning it to go down it’s throat.                        

Make it Your Own…

Watercolor of Photo of Pond

This is an image taken locally of a pond near my home. I like it as a watercolor as well as a photograph. Do you prefer one over the other? These are some good principals to live by especially when making art. Make it your own Everything matters Surprise and delight Embrace resistance Leave your mark — Starbucks  

Marsh Wrens

Marsh Wren

This is a Marsh Wren taken at Montlake Fill in Seattle. These little guys sound like sewing machines and are very quick. With patience, I was able to catch a few working on nests in early morning. I bought a used Canon 70D and rented 100-400 lens last weekend. I’m a happy camper and really enjoying my new tools as well as having fun finding birds out in the parks and reserves.  

Our doubt is our passion…

Mandarin Music and Shadows

 “We work in the dark – we do what we can – we give what we have.  Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art.” — Henry James  

Sushi, Swords and Birds

Tsuba - The hand guard on a Japanese Sword, ceramic cup

Last night we met with friends to have sushi and share photos of our recent photo shoot. We were joined by additional guests who brought a selection of rare, and very sharp, Japanese swords. It was fascinating and interesting to see the variety of craftsmanship that went into the making of these 14th century weapons. The photography was wonderful to see and it was fun to see what lively characters birds can be. We each got some very interesting captures. See my “Wildlife” gallery.