Big Dog Little People

Today was one of those days when the temperature was perfect and you never wanted to come inside. M and I took in the last of the light while sitting on the deck and talking about the events of our day. I took a photography workshop today and enjoyed capturing what I could find in town. Lot’s of people were out enjoying the day and except for this huge dog, I was focused on finding colors, reflections, light and shadows. Tap picture to view gallery.

Art Prints

I found an interesting publication today called Art in Print. They are subscription based and have both digital and print versions of their magazine. Looks to be an adventure in reading all about ‘the Print’! Article here on Mokuhanga International too. From this page… The richly colored, visually dynamic woodblock technique perfected in Japan during the 18th and 19th centuries is known internationally by the Japanese term mokuhanga. The character for moku literally means wood, while hanga can be broken down into two concepts (each represented by a separate character), the first character being han, meaning.. Read More